Founded and run by developers

Skills and experience matter.

We focus on the two main drivers of success in a software project:

  • Our people, who we've chosen for their experience in multiple technologies and experience in Javascript
  • Our processes, which we've optimized for speed of delivery, customer support and clear communication.

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A boutique software agency

Small team. Big results.

Choosing Zero means choosing the quality and speedy delivery that only comes with compact teams.

Here's what you get by choosing small:

  • Minimum communication overhead, quicker turnaround times, faster delivery.
  • Extremely fast response times, direct access to our management, organic and well-groomed processes.
  • High quality customer service, unfettered access to our expertise.

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Case Studies
React, Vue, Angular, Node

JavaScript Architects

The amazing Javascript community has truly revolutionized how products are built. Having a single language across frontend, backend, desktop and mobile is a game changer. We know how to leverage this flexibility in a business setting. We also build modules, libraries and frameworks that enable API integrations, code sharing, open source initiatives and more.

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Why you should trust us

Excellent company track record

Zero has built solutions across several industries including trucking/transportation, finance, recruitment, education, sports tech, and photography. Clients delighted with our service include fintech startups, corporations with 1000+ employees, AI startups, and industry-acclaimed SaaS platforms with 15,000,000+ users.

Developer-founded, developer-driven

We are managed by strong technical leadership that has led 100's of developers across multiple industries. Even our non-technical team members possess software development skills, including project managers and QA. Your project will be handled by a team that intimately knows how to build great software.

Proudly a local Canadian company

We are a Canadian corporation subject to Canadian laws and familiar with the processes and requirements of North American businesses. Almost 100% of our team is located in Ontario, mostly in Toronto. We vet and hire the strongest local talent to maximize service quality and eliminate time-zone and communication issues.

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